The Cellar

Quinta do Cruzeiro cellar began the construction of its granite walls in 1850, continued throughout the different Melo generations, and was finalized by Julia Melo Kemper’s grandfather who, taking advantage of the sloping terrain, worked with the force of gravity.

This winery was composed of two floors: the top floor containing the granite lagares where foot threading was made and the bottom floor with vats and barrels where the wine aged. One of the keys to success of this project was to be able to control the entire process from the vineyard to the bottling; to this effect, the priority was to invest in a good cellar, so it was decided that the recovery of the cellar would be the first of the winery investments. In 2007, the cellar undergone recovery works and modernization, trying to preserve the initial structure at the most. The tanks were cleaned, aligned, coated with stainless steel, reduced in size to receive a smaller but higher quality crop, and we bought several pieces of equipment such as: table of choice, stemming, crushing and also all control of temperature for all containers.

We can say that the secret of Julia Kemper Wines is also in the cellar, which maintained most of its original construction.