The Philosophy

Our mission is to incentive the passion for Dão wines throughout the World in a way that is both differentiating and innovative and in perfect harmony with nature.

We aim to make known the nobility, elegance and character of a wine that is still hidden by grand mountains.

Produce a high quality wine implies an extensive knowledge, work and constant learning, and it implies above all, dedication and a tremendous passion.

This passion has been on our family – Melo Kemper for more than 400 years and their values were passed down from generation to generation.

Therefore, we have adopted organic farming, hence, like our forefathers, we believe in the respect for Earth and biodiversity. We believe in the balance in nature and we want to participate in it.

All this in order to produce a Boutique wine, elegant, with a delightful acidity, floral aromas and an amazing texture, that only the ancestral wisdom of a brand like JULIA KEMPER may achieve.