The Vineyard

The vineyards at Quinta do Cruzeiro are delicately treated in conformity with sustainable agricultural practices; organic farming consistent with our values and the heritage from past generations, since the preliminary analysis of the land confirmed that it was free from contamination, which indicated that there has always been a concern to preserve what nature gave us.

It all started with the research of the legislation, techniques and technologies associated with the Biological Production Mode (BPM), and with the help of Vines & Wines ​​an exhaustive study of the soils and climates of Quinta do Cruzeiro was made in order to adjust the grape varieties and rootstocks to the existing lands. The various fields were mapped and the corrections and deep fertilizations of the existing 15 hectares were initiated. It was decided that the vine population would be based on the Dão grape varieties, as follows: Touriga-Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Tinta-Roriz and Jaen, for red wines, and Encruzado, Malvasia-Fina and Verdelho for white wines.

The richness of Quinta do Cruzeiro, with several terroirs, includes six portions of land always surrounded by bush and pine trees. In the outskirts of the vines, olive trees are planted. All of this in a plateau with 700 meters high, sheltered from the wind by four majestic mountains – Serra da Estrela, Serra do Caramulo, Serra do Buçaco and Serra da Nave. It is a true ecosystem of biodiversity, slightly domesticated, managing to temper the indomitable Dão with a sheen of elegance!